Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I Thought About Today While Driving 9 Hours Across The Midwest.

Welcome to the new improved home of me. I decided to snag the blog address that would be all matchy with my Twitter name @dustwindbun (since @philosophizer and @dustwinddude were taken by someone who never tweets and some conservative douchewaffle*, respectively). I'll be importing things (later - see 9 hour drive) from the old place at for any serieses I want to continue on.
So, in no particular order,
Things I Thought About Today While Driving 9 Hours Across The Midwest
  • farm subisidies
  • which is worse, Juggalos or Hoyas
  • why does it smell like bacon at mile marker 107 on I-55
  • whether or not it would be safe to put my resume on my personal website
  • wishing I could afford to have orthodontics again since my teeth are misaligned despite having worn my retainer properly
  • how Pinky isn't actually dumb, he's just on a different wavelength from The Brain
  • if the song "Brandy" is an earworm for anyone else
  • what eats pigeons
  • how best to back up all my PDF'd tax documents and credit reports (I decided on a CD)
  • how weird it is that there are two Midwestern colleges with the same name, same mascot, and same year of founding that have nothing to do with each other
  • how much I like wind farms (they're so modern primitive)

Obviously, this isn't everything I thought about today during nine hours, but it's the fun stuff.

*one of my new favorite insults, learned from someone on the internet. the other is "assberry".

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